Sunday, June 12, 2011

strictly pancakes

i didnt know strictly pancakes exist till bel wanted to have it previously. 
but ended up this bel went with her bf instead. 

so this time, pop by strictly pancakes after shopping in town for hours for dinner. 
that was our last stop of the day. 
we were soo mad tired. our legs were aching like crazy from the walk in botanic garden and shopping around town. 

we decided to order 3 different kinds of pancakes from the menu to share.

this is the basic pancake and we add bacons. 
i know its super not worth it and not even tempting.

is this better? with asparagus, chicken breast and herb sauce with 3 piece of pancake.
oh and it came with salted butter. totally fit into the plain-ness of the pancake
i bet this is tempting right!
chocolate pancake with chocolate ice cream with strawberry! 
sinful yet no one can resist it!! 

it not just a simple chocolate pancake. there are some chocolate inbetween the layers for one to discover!! 

look at happy liz with the chocolate pancakes.

having pancakes as our main dishes were not something to belittle. 
we were super full after that. 

after dinner, we just chilled at the place and chatted. 
topic of the day was yet again set by myrin; 3rd party

strictly pancake is a nice place to chill.
its a must to try on their chocolate pancakes!!!

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